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IES Pedra da Auga

Founded in 1979, IES Pedra da Auga was initially a Vocational School and it is now a mixed Secondary School with 60 teachers and 600 students (boys and girls). 
Nearly half of them get vocational training in Electricity, Automotion or Administration and the rest studies either ESO (Compulsory Secondary Education) or Bachalaureate in its Scientific, Technologic or Humanistic branches.
Since 1994 it belongs to the worldwide network of  the UNESCO-Associated Schools Program.
The school organizes all kind of activities to enhance the UNESCO-promoted values in its main study areas, and it has been promoting the use of international signs YoGoTe at international activities:
The school website offers lessons to approach any language from a set of 22 using YoGoTe signs as a learning tool.
After working with these lessons students take part at collective activities like a Multilingual Workshop or a  Global Market.

Presentation of the ERASMUS+ project.

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